Next Event:

Greenhaven/Pocket/Land Park (GPLP) Farmers’ Market

Starting April 2023
Saturdays 8AM-12PM
6446 Riverside Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95831

Sample Menu

Traditonal Vietnamese Drip (Phin)
cà phê đen / black coffee
cà phê sữa / with sweetened condensed milk

hand-drip coffee
flash brew

Grown in Vietnam, Served Locally

At Cà Phê Ru, we want to bring aspects of Vietnamese coffee culture to our local community.  Coffee (cà phê) plays an important role in our culture as a remembrance and conversation starter; it is a catalyst that connects people to places and each other.

Staying close to our roots, we brew our drinks using coffee beans produced exclusively from Vietnam.  We invite you to relax, take it slow, and enjoy your cà phê drip by drip.